Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Crafting!

So I was absolutely in love with this Christmas outfit from AnK, however I couldn't get it for both girls, so I decided to do some crafting myself!

Off to Spotlight I went, and I got some cheap red shiny fabric. Just the ticket I thought. It literally only cost me about $5. So Emily got a new red dress, and Miss Lexi got a matching skirt. We got some ricrac courtesy of Just Patchwork, and I used one of Lexi's sleeveless onesies to make the top of her outfit.

I thought they came out just lovely, and achieved the aim of making the girls look Christmasy. They might even double for Valentines Day!!

And when Nana Taylor asked if the girls had Santa Sacks, I sheepishly said no. So look what came home from the shop!

And sadly, I didn't sew any gifts this year (hand slap), however Lexi did score this fabulous little homemade hat from Cousin Katie! Isn't it just gorgeous!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Homemade Christmas Goodies!

YUM!!!  I love homemade Christmas goodies, and decided this year to make it a new family tradition and jump on the band wagon!

This is definitely year 1! The strawberry jam almost drove me crazy! First I became complacent, and thought it was so easy I didn't need to stir the pot that often... and then of course the next stir added little black bits... doh! So I got some more strawberries, and being a busy mother of two, I forgot to put them in the fridge and by that night they were mouldy! Damn warm weather... and then round three: success!! Everything else went fairly well. The fudge was SO yum, and SO easy. The milk chocolate being my favorite... well of course I had to do some taste testing!! Anyway, definitely doing more of that next year. Check out my friend Martha's recipe here  ;-)

The lucky (well I hope that's the right word) recipients were some dear friends, and my neighbours with nine children scored the big box of the sweet stuff! Next year I will start earlier and make more. I wonder if saying that will become a yearly tradition as well  ;-)