Sunday, January 31, 2010

Some food and a winner!

I have decided that seeing as we have purchased a new home, and moved into a new neighbourhood, where we plan to be for a long time... I am really going to make an effort (perhaps for the first time) to get to know our neighbours! So early on Saturday morning I made some delicious Apple Spiced Sour Cream Muffins, and off we went next door! So turns out, we have lovely neighbours!! They really seem so nice and friendly, and have a very healthy sized family of nine children! (I thought I had seen a  few children, but was thinking about six!). Anyway, I am very excited. Isn't it great when everything seems perfect, and then things get a little more perfect-er  :-)

And speaking of food, we have just finished on Sunday night tradition of pancakes for dinner! Yummo!!

But now to the important business... the winner is.... (drumroll...) number 15!! MJELLY! I will contact you for your address so I can send off the lovely Owl. Thanks to everyone who participated. I really appreciate the feedback, and got some great advice.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Moving, Moving, Moving...

We recently purchased a wonderful family home! We have owned an apartment before but this is different. We plan on being here for a long time... We plan on adding to our family here, watching our kids swim in the pool, growing older, hosting lots of dinners, both the regular kind and special ones. We have grand plans  :-)

Moving though, is quite naturally a nightmare! Between all the packing and unpacking, losing things that you desperately need, not being able to set up the new washing machine so it doesn't leak, the cleaning of the rental house...  But alas, it is all done! And how happy we are  :-)

We invited friends over a week after moving. Best idea ever! It meant we got everything unpacked and organised... even if it almost killed us, we did it. And now we can just relax and enjoy!

N.B. When we were unpacking, I found some paintings of mine from when I was in preschool! I decided they were perfect for adding a little colour to the wall of Emily's playarea  :-)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Heather Bailey Scrap Flower!

So I seen this interview/tutorial months ago, and have been meaning to try it and finally today was the day! Initially my plan was to make this flower to jazz up one of my daughters singlets - so I went with the small sized flower. The flower is super easy to make - although it did take me longer than the 10 minutes Heather suggests in the interview  :-)   You only need a scrap piece of fabric, some felt circles, a button, scissors and a needle and thread! Visit the tutorial for instructions on how to make the flower - it can be made in 3 different sizes.

So how did it go? Well I think I pulled the fabric too tight to make the flower, and hence I have more folds in the fabric than Heather's pictures do. It also made the flower quite high: 3/4 inch as shown below. So I guess I could either not pull it as tight, or probably next time I will shorten the length of the strip I use. I also think I will change the diameters of the felt circles so that there is an evenish space between the fabric and two layers of felt.

So what did I do with it? Well as I said, it was going to decorate a pink singlet of my daughter's, however I then realised that a 15 month year old would just try to pull it off! It wouldn't last long at all. So I decided to add it to my plain old black hairband. Often when I am at home I simply throw my hairback in a ponytail and put a hairband on at the front. At least now I can feel a little stylish! I will definately be making more of these. I might also add a pin to the back so they can be added to skirts, tops, a handbag, one of Emily's hat, hair clips, the options are endless!

Thanks for the tutorial Heather!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

January Giveaway!

Well as you may know, we have been super busy moving house this past week or so. Planning for the move, moving, unpacking... it's all so much work! But I'll save that discussion for another post  :-)

Anyway, part of my plan for 2010 is to have a monthly giveaway, and here we are at the 23rd already! Will plan better next month!

So up for grabs this month is one of the much sought-after Owl Softies by Saffron Craig! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment in response to the following: What would you like to see in my blog? Or if you don't really read blogs, what would make you stop by and read mine?

Some things I would be interested in hearing are: How frequently would you like me to post? Do you like pics? Do you like longer posts, or shorter - straight to the point posts? What about content? Do you just like the crafty stuff, or would you also like to hear more about my daughter, and general life events?

The lucky winner will be drawn at random next Sunday. Only one entry per person, and please be sure that I am able to contact you!

Good luck

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome to 2010 my friends!

Well I couldn't think of a better way to start the first post of the New Year than with some beautiful pics taken by my friend Tania of Chicken-Ink of her daughter Maddy wearing one of my hats!! I really do love crafting, but I really really LOVE seeing my products being used and enjoyed. Such a sense of fulfilment!

So the year that was 2009 has been and gone. What a year it was. We moved to Sydney, my husband began a new job, and Emily and I started getting settled in a new area: playgroup, ABA meetings, and swimming lessons are great!! I also began this idea of Taylored4Baby. I must say, my hesitation hindered my progress in 2009. I missed out on signing up for some key markets for fear that I wouldn't have enough stock, that no one would like what I had etc. I finally bit the bullet and participated in the Epping Markets in December. And guess what... it turns out you can make enough stock if you need to! Never mind the 2-3am finishes... and one 5am one! And guess what else... people liked my products! I can't tell you how good it felt to make my first public sale! And of course I have this blog, which I love, but fear I neglect somewhat, and I also started a facebook fan page. On the family side, we sold our 2 bedroom unit, and finally found ourselves a home! A real family home! We should hopefully settle on the 15th! On the Emily front... so much has happened in 2009! She started eating real food, starting sitting up, standing up, crawling, saying mum, dad and nan (plus a whole gabble of her own language!), got some teeth and my fav thing... she now gives cuddles!

In looking ahead, on the business front, I have applied for two big babies and children's markets so far... hopefully I get it! I will also find some smaller markets in the new area that we will be living in. I plan to do more crafting for my daughter: starting with a skirt and top! I've not really made clothes before, so looking forward to the challenge! On the home front, I AM going to plan the evening meals better! There is not enough time to be wondering every day what I will make for dinner. I can't wait to move into our new house, and make it a home! I'll enjoy watching my baby do all sorts of things that will amaze me. We will also be going back to San Francisco to visit our friends in 2 months time! We can hardly wait. I'm just not sure how the 13 hours flight will go with a16 months old!

So, looking forward to the journey ahead, and look forward to sharing it with you. I hope we all have an amazing 2010!