Saturday, December 25, 2010

Homemade Christmas Goodies!

YUM!!!  I love homemade Christmas goodies, and decided this year to make it a new family tradition and jump on the band wagon!

This is definitely year 1! The strawberry jam almost drove me crazy! First I became complacent, and thought it was so easy I didn't need to stir the pot that often... and then of course the next stir added little black bits... doh! So I got some more strawberries, and being a busy mother of two, I forgot to put them in the fridge and by that night they were mouldy! Damn warm weather... and then round three: success!! Everything else went fairly well. The fudge was SO yum, and SO easy. The milk chocolate being my favorite... well of course I had to do some taste testing!! Anyway, definitely doing more of that next year. Check out my friend Martha's recipe here  ;-)

The lucky (well I hope that's the right word) recipients were some dear friends, and my neighbours with nine children scored the big box of the sweet stuff! Next year I will start earlier and make more. I wonder if saying that will become a yearly tradition as well  ;-)



  1. They look great Naomi. Where did you sources the little jars from? They are super cute!

  2. Thanks Noni!!! Thanks to one of my lovely fanpage followers, I got the jars from a discount store called Hot Dollar! I think most discount store would have them actually. And they were $1.50 each, so not too bad!