Friday, June 25, 2010

Red Nose Day!

Today is Red Nose Day and I would love to help raise some money for SIDS research and awareness. We will be donating 20% of all sales made today to the cause. Just visit the Taylored4Baby store and purchase a little something for a special little someone, and help make a difference today!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting what you wished for... and beyond!

So my lovely sister-in-law, Alison took me shopping for my belated 30th Birthday present today.... and she had read my blog!! So we debated buying a number of items of my list, or buying one really great one. Seeing as it was for my 30th birthday, we decided on one really (please read 'REALLY') great one! Please meet my new Dyson Dust Buster!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wish Lists...

I am suddenly finding my self with a massive (and constantly growing) wish list! Half the time for Christmas/Birthdays etc I have one, half the time I don't. But now, I have a HUGE list, and I am scared because Christmas is ages away, my birthday is weeks after Christmas, and Mother's Day has been and gone! So I thought that maybe if I share these things it will be therapeutic enough for me to not want them anymore, or maybe you could tell me why I don't need (want... same thing right?) them  :)  In no particular order:

* A dust buster! I know, this is really really sad for a 30 year old woman, but I would LOVE one! Lately I have been on this organisation kick which includes cleaning, and having a 19 month old daughter (and a 30 year old husband...) it would be great to get out a little dust buster to pick up those crumbs rather than dragging out the big ole vacuum for the in between cleans.

* 'A Pressure Cooker Saved my Life' by Juanita Phillips. A book with tips for mums who want a calmer, simpler, healthier life. Yes, that's me!!! Never mind that I am still working on the same two books that I have been reading for the past few months.

* Kitchen bowls: I am greedy; I want glass ones AND plastic ones. This stems from a) me liking to cook and always trying to find regular bowls that I can use for mixing yummy ingredients in, and b) from a recent experience when I attempted to melt chocolate over boiling water and my lovely bowl was not heat proof  :-( 

* A Bath Caddy: I am starting to make more 'me' time. And that includes taking a lovely bubble bath once in a while. A bath caddy would be SO great... and even has a place to hold my wine (which I should be able to have a glass of again in maybe 9 months time...)

* Tickets to ALL of the 'Working Mum's Masterclass' sessions. This is a wish list after all  :-)   This would be like Chicken Soup for the Soul... I know that's a book, but that's totally what it would be like!

* A Fresh Herb Garden: oh what a luxury this would be!! To be able to pop out to the deck and collect from fresh herbs to add to our meals... Oh, and I am sure that this time I would keep them alive...

Okay, well it's getting late, I am tired, and fear I have been greedy enough. All donations can be sent to:

Support a Greedy Mumma
PO Box No Chance
Wishful Thinking, Out of This World


Sunday, June 13, 2010

A bunny themed birthday...

Recently, I had the pleasure of working on my first custom order. A new friend of mine had given me a copy of her daughter's 1st birthday inviation, and asked me if I could come up with a t-shirt to go with the theme. I had SO much fun working on this. I came up with four designs, and the one pictured above was the winner  :-)  I can't wait to see some pics of Indiana's party!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary... well kind of...

The 'kind of' applies to the debate of whether or not it should be still considered an anniversary. The 'happy' definitely applies! On Thursday it was 12 years since my husband and I started dating. A dear friend of mine claims that once you are married, the 'getting together' date goes out the window - but I say 12 years is an achievement!

Usually we verbally acknowledge this date, and maybe have a nice dinner at home. This time we went out for a lovely dinner at a local Italian restaurant, with Miss Emily in hand. Sadly, no glass of wine for me, and my handbag was replaced with a bag filled with blocks, puzzles and a dolly for Emily. After a lovely dinner, we put Emily to bed and settled in to watch a movie together... however I passed out about 1/2 an hour in. That's what happens when you have a 19 month old, and are 23 weeks pregnant  :)  My how times have changed!

Some of our bigger milestones were celebrated in style. For the 5 year mark, we both took a week off work and jumped in the car with no destination in mind. At each major turn, we flipped a coin to decide which direction to take! It was one of the best holidays we have ever had. We went to places we never even knew about! And then for 10 years we went to Montreal & Toronto (living in California at the time). This was also our 'babymoon'  :-)

Did we ever imagine 12 years ago that we would be here? No way! We could have only dreamed about it!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sunshine and Happy Days....

Pic uploaded from Nanagyei on Flickr

Well I just feel SO lucky! I have attended two Sunny Mummy events in the past week! If you are a mummy, please visit Stacey's website, check out her blog and definitely the facebook page (if facebook's your thing)! Plus there is a bunch of tool and info on the main site.

But what is it? It's all about 'enjoying' not 'enduring' motherhood! Realising that you can't be the perfect everything to everyone, and especially if you aren't taking care of yourself first! It's a very supportive and uplifting community that I am finding is not only online, but in person also! It's recently been dubbed the Sunny Mummy Sisterhood! I love it  :)

So the first event was the Buffet of Life breakfast at Darling Harbour on Saturday morning. I decided to make the most of my 'child free time' and caught the train into the city. And what do I do on this train... I read a book! A Sophie Kinsella book! Pure luxury...  So what was the breakfast about? Well all the things I mentioned above. Stacey spoke of the beginning of Sunny Mummy (read her blog for more info... I hadn't planned on crying), and spoke of her experience, and said so many things that really hit home. There was also a guest speaker Joanne Felder who spoke of her experiences which lead to her new book (soon to be released) 'When hungry, Eat'. She talked to the similarities between food/eating and life, and our tendency to over stuff our selves. Very funny lady! I was also very fortunate to have been sitting at the table that 'won everything'! I won a Health & Well-Being Journal as well as getting one of the jam packed goodie bags! You can check out Steph's Blog over at MooBear Designs who also attended, and got some WONDERFUL pics!  Sadly I forgot my camera. A new friend, Leanne has also blogged about the event here.

And this morning I attended the Mums, Dads and Bubs club at Castle Hill RSL. It was a wonderful morning out, hearing from Stacey about the stages of Motherhood, and getting to chat to other lovely Mums! (No dad's today) There were so many times that Stacey would say something, and I wished we could pause and break into groups to discuss. Although this would have made for a very long day  :-)

Has my life changed in the past week? Yes! How can I tell? Well I have taken two bubble baths for the first time in a long time, and I have deleted my series recording of Home & Away  :-)

Pic uploaded from Or Hiltch on Flikr

Do yourself a favour and put a ray of sunshine in your life today!