Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My first creation!! Baby Wrap (0-6 months)

My daughter loves to be swaddled! It's become her cue for sleeping. I have used a number of swaddles in her lifetime, but decided to make my own. That way I can make sure it fits all of my (Emily's) requirements, and I can use beautiful fabrics! And what's more... I get to create!

These wraps have been so popular with my friends and family, that I have decided to sell them! See: taylored4baby.etsy.com I have tried to make them unique by adding a pouch at the bottom which folds down, and then clips up so you can get the baby in easily, and don't have to worry about tiny toes getting cold! I also added a hood to help keep the baby warm, although you can easily leave it off and place the babies head on top of it if it's too warm. What I find frustrating though is that when I find an item I love, Emily grows out of it so quickly! I get to use it for a while, and then have to buy another! So I have used press studs so that this wrap easily converts from 0-3 months, and then 3-6 months.

I have decided that all wraps that I make will be individually made for each baby as ordered. Although I may regret this later, I think it will help make a great unique product for each buyer - the way that I can when I made things for Emily. The buyer can choose the inner and outer fabrics (see below), I can flip the pattern if the user is left-handed, and I can also adjust the design if the baby if significantly taller or shorter than average. The internal fabric that I use is called ‘Oh so soft’. It's totally soft and delicious for even a newborns precious skin. Hmmm... Maybe I should make a big wrap for myself!

Internal Fabric Choices ------------------- External Fabric Choices

Materials: Cotton, cotton wadding, polyester 'oh so soft', threa
d, and press studs

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  1. THis is the cutest. Now where were you when I needed this for my little guy. He's not so little any more.