Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Half Birthday Baby!!

So today my little littlest girl turned 6 months old! Wow, where does the time go? Thought I would share a bit of our day together!

Good morning Lexi Grace!!

The day started with some cuddles with my Daddy and big Sister x 

This was followed by an all girl bath - but I thought we wouldn't share those pics  :-)

So how do I know I am 6 months old?? Because I am wearing eating weetbix - just like my big sister!

And I can drink water out of a cup! Okay... so I haven't quite got the hang of it, but I have potential!

And I know I am 6 months because I had my needles yesterday  :-(

And now that I am 6 months, I have been promoted (?) to the back seat! Check me out! Cheeky as, and it seems I have more staying power than my sister  ;-)

Mum and Emily decided I needed cake to help celebrate this special day. I'm not so sure... I didn't get to make them or eat them! But they sure looked good!

The candle was fascinating!

Emily, chief taste tester of the cake batter, and cooked cake fully approved!

At the end of the day... still happy!

The only thing left to do to mark this occasion is to do a plaster handprint on the weekend! Mummy & Daddy need to work together to get this one done!  x

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  1. Awesome recount of the day Naomi. I love it..... Celebrating with you (i understand, my baby disappears every time he gets a hair cut!)