Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wish Lists...

I am suddenly finding my self with a massive (and constantly growing) wish list! Half the time for Christmas/Birthdays etc I have one, half the time I don't. But now, I have a HUGE list, and I am scared because Christmas is ages away, my birthday is weeks after Christmas, and Mother's Day has been and gone! So I thought that maybe if I share these things it will be therapeutic enough for me to not want them anymore, or maybe you could tell me why I don't need (want... same thing right?) them  :)  In no particular order:

* A dust buster! I know, this is really really sad for a 30 year old woman, but I would LOVE one! Lately I have been on this organisation kick which includes cleaning, and having a 19 month old daughter (and a 30 year old husband...) it would be great to get out a little dust buster to pick up those crumbs rather than dragging out the big ole vacuum for the in between cleans.

* 'A Pressure Cooker Saved my Life' by Juanita Phillips. A book with tips for mums who want a calmer, simpler, healthier life. Yes, that's me!!! Never mind that I am still working on the same two books that I have been reading for the past few months.

* Kitchen bowls: I am greedy; I want glass ones AND plastic ones. This stems from a) me liking to cook and always trying to find regular bowls that I can use for mixing yummy ingredients in, and b) from a recent experience when I attempted to melt chocolate over boiling water and my lovely bowl was not heat proof  :-( 

* A Bath Caddy: I am starting to make more 'me' time. And that includes taking a lovely bubble bath once in a while. A bath caddy would be SO great... and even has a place to hold my wine (which I should be able to have a glass of again in maybe 9 months time...)

* Tickets to ALL of the 'Working Mum's Masterclass' sessions. This is a wish list after all  :-)   This would be like Chicken Soup for the Soul... I know that's a book, but that's totally what it would be like!

* A Fresh Herb Garden: oh what a luxury this would be!! To be able to pop out to the deck and collect from fresh herbs to add to our meals... Oh, and I am sure that this time I would keep them alive...

Okay, well it's getting late, I am tired, and fear I have been greedy enough. All donations can be sent to:

Support a Greedy Mumma
PO Box No Chance
Wishful Thinking, Out of This World



  1. After having three kids on of my friends couldn't believe I didn't own a dust buster and bought me one. It is one of the best things ever.

    The bath caddy looks luxurious. I might start a wish list with that at number one lol

    xo Steph

  2. Oh no Steph... you are supposed to talk me out of wanting these things!! :-) The dust buster will be going on the christmas list if I can wait that long. Then again... there are a lot of sales on right now...

    The bath caddy is a dream!! It's a bit over $100 though from Howards Storage. I would def be taking a lot more baths!! :-)


  3. Hehehe....this post made me smile :)
    I too got completely sick of dragging out the big vacuum cleaner everyday {sometimes several times a day} to clean up after my toddler, cats & Hubby. I cracked it one day and purchased a DUST BUSTER....best thing I ever did lol. So worth the $80 {or whatever the price was} coz it gets A LOT of use in my house ;o)
    Oh..the simple things that make us happy these days LOL!
    Have a great week!

  4. Ah Claire! Glad to know I am not alone in my struggle against the mess :-) Although you are not helping my hold off on my wish list either! hahaha