Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Something for the boys!

So you know how during interviews you always get asked what your weaknesses are... and you always come up with something like 'I'm a perfectionist', 'I just care too much' blah blah blah. Well, if someone were to ask what my weakness is in regards to my home business, that would be easy: I DON'T THINK BOY!

As you may or may not know, I have a 13 months old beautiful girl. I find that when I am creating, I just naturally think girl! Ideas flow so easily I need a lid for them! But boys... not so much. I am sure if I am lucky enough to have a boy one day that this will change, but until then, it's takes active effort!

Here is my first definite boy effort: Hats!! It's just hit summer here in Australia, and we need hats to protect those precious little heads - esp for those hair challenged like my daughter  :)  The trouble that I have, is that when I look at fabrics, I think 90% of them are too 'girly' for boys. For the two newborn hats pictured I chose 'softer' fabrics, and I LOVE them. I think they work really well. Maybe I just need to bite the bullet and trust my instincts a little more.

So the next challenge... boys t-shirts! Fabrics?? Designs?? Do I go traditional trucks and boats, or maybe animals... Stay tuned... I have no idea what's to follow, but something will!

On a more personal note, I just have to share how much I LOVE Snow Fairy body wash by LUSH! I discovered it about 4 years ago when I was living in California. It's released every Christmas, and each December I buy myself just one bottle. I could buy enough to have it all year round, but it wouldn't be as special. It has the most amazing smell... You really should rush out and treat yourself!


  1. I love the hats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That's funny about the Snow Fairy body wash. I was given a bottle quite a few years ago by an international visitor (she said it was her favourite too) and it sat untouched in my cupboard for so long I eventually threw it out. I just never got around to using it and I am so anti-clutter! Bit of a shame huh?

  3. That is such a shame! :) Next time you will have to make sure you induldge in these treats!