Monday, December 21, 2009

A pre-Christmas catch up!

Well what a busy few weeks it has been! Firstly, I had my first ever Market at the Epping Twilight Markets! I had an insane week of late late late night sewing, but I had loads of stock which was great. The markets went really well! I made my first sale before opening time, and as far as I was concerned, I could go home then  :)  It was great to meet people, and get some feedback on my products. I also got quite a few orders from people who liked a particular hat, but wanted a different size, or liked a shirt design but in a different colour. My fav request was for a train t-shirt, and an elephant t-shirt for twin boys to wear on Christmas Day! I love making things, but I REALLY love making things that I know people want!

On the competition front, we had 3 winners! The winner of the blog post was Anita Forbes (selected a sunhat), the referral award went to Sarah Irvine, who referred like a bizillion people! (selected a nursing cover), and the last winner was the random facebook fan: Jules Bee (selecting a bucket hat). I just love giving things away, and was tempted to keep going... But thought why not wait and spread the cheer over the year! So for 2010 Taylored4Baby will be having a monthly giveaway! What are the details?? No idea yet! But I will come up with something!

And lastly, this morning I discovered that one of my hats has been featured on an etsy treasury - Summer Lovin! Australian Treats! I am SO excited. Mine is the red & white Saffron Craig sunhat!

Well all of my orders have been made, and the last one shipped out today. So I guess it's time to finish off the Christmas shopping! Happy holidays people!!


  1. How exciting to do your first market! I am feeling what you must have leading up to it as I am about to do my first market as well. Nothing as big as the Epping Markets, just the local one at Pacific Palms! Your display looks great!

  2. How funny that you commented on this post... I just commented on your earlier! Hope your market goes well!