Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bedtime Story Pajamas!

I just made my daughter Emily the cutest pair of PJ's! I used an Oliver + S Pattern called... yes, Bedtime Story Pajamas. I used the Cypress Paisley in Mint flannel from the Amy Butler Love range for the main fabric, and also used a Michael Miller rich Pink Dot fabric for the trim. It always takes me a little while to work out new patterns, but this one was actually quite easy.

There are a few things that I learned along the way though:
1) If you use a directional fabric... make sure you really think about it! I only considered it as much as making sure it went up and down. What this resulted in though, was one sleeve where the direction of the fabric is up, and one where it goes down! Also the front and back of the top are opposite. They still look really cute, but definitely a lesson learned for next time.
2) The annoying little things are usually worth it! I was so frustrated with the time and fiddling involved in making the ties for the top, but they look beautiful! The pattern does suggest you can use premade bias tape, but it really does look perfect when it matches the trim.
3) I always forget this, but when sewing something really narrow (AKA the ties!!) it can be hard in the beginning for the feed dogs to catch the fabric and move it through. It is so much simpler (and gives a much better finished look) when you start an inch of two in and work your way to the edge, and then go back to your starting point and go the other way! For me this way is SO much easier. Must remember for next time!!!
4) And I am not sure about this one yet, but the pattern calls for a tie on the inside of the top, and the outside, which obviously is needed to keep the top sitting correctly. I am just wondering how comfortable the tie on the inside is if your little one is sleeping on their side. Might try to think of a less bulky option, or then again, maybe it's just fine.

Have to say, I LOVE the Oliver + S patterns. They are really great modern patterns for young ones. And... they have a difficulty rating on them, so it means I know which ones to go for!! BTW - I did plan on taking a pic of the PJ's by themselves, but they are all covered in Vegemite now!

On a side note, our playgroup went on an excursion last week to the Featherdale Wildlife Park in Doonside, NSW. It was fantastic!! So great to get so close to the animals. By far my favorite part was watching Emily feed the kangaroos leaves  :)  She loved it! Moments like these are priceless. Surprisingly... she was less sure about the sleeping Koala!

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