Monday, May 31, 2010

New product - Mini Security Blankets with Ribbon Loops!

Well what a busy month it has been! I have been working on some new ideas, one of which is ready to be released today! In other news, my Nan has taken ill, which has resulted in some travel away from home, and also a small crash with my car (everyone is okay - but annoying all the same!), my daughter has been keeping me very busy, and the new bub is growing each and every day!

So here is my new product: The Mini Security Blanket with Ribbon Loops! I decided that if a baby needs a blanket, it should have an actual blanket. This is more of something small enough for a baby to play with: explore the patterned fabric, enjoy the sensation of the soft minky backing and develop their dexterity by playing with the securely sewn (4 times!) Ribbon Loops! I have a bunch of different patterns and colours available, but I must say that I love the Owls, and so does my Daughter!

Here is a pic of my Daugher Emily and I out for brunch on Mother's Day. Tell me... who else has been caught by the flat battery in the camera! Oh well, at least we got one shot  :-)  And who would have thought that later that day Emily would take her first steps! And then just half an hour later would be up to 10?? She was definately a little later in the walking department, but she seems to have picked it up so fast!

And what better way to end this post than by sharing a pic of our new bub, due at the end of Sept! We had a scan a few days ago, and I swear I have started to grow a new heart for all the love I have for this bub already!  xo

BTW - Just wondering, would anyone be interested in a tutorial on the new product?


  1. Lisa (Snugglebug)June 1, 2010 at 12:41 PM

    Gorgeous!!.....the blanket, the pic of you and Emily, and of course this pic of your new little one!!!