Monday, August 2, 2010

Bunting Love!!!

I have been thinking about making Emily some bunting for some time now. I mean it seems like it would be easy enough. So in my week of family crafts, I decided to give it a go. And what do you know, even with designing my own template, it only took me about two hours!

Emily will be vacating her room at some stage soon for a little brother or sister, so we have held off on the painting, and doing too much decorating. But this lead to a BORING room!


And check out the after pic!

I have to say, that I am now in LOVE with bunting!! It's so great to add a splash of colour, and I find myself asking... can I make more for the one room? Can I make some christmas bunting? Classy bunting for our bedroom? (to which my husband replied, 'do you know what classy is?')

I really love how much of a difference a couple of hours has made. And the reason it has taken me so long to post this, is because I couldn't find thumb tacks to put it up! It seems people don't like to put holes in their walls anymore, and all I seemed to find were those sticky thing! N.B. Try a newsagents!
Anyway, I am tempted to say this is the easiest item I have ever made. I think there will be a tutorial coming... because trust me when I say this... there will be more bunting made here! Perhaps not for our house... we'll see!


  1. Love it!!! I am always using bunting everywhere lol. I am actually teaching a bunting class in a couple of weeks, that is how much I love the stuff. your colours are lovely together.

  2. You wouldn't think it could make such a huge difference... I also tagged you in a meme... it's not hard lol...

    xo Steph