Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lessons learned in the first week home alone with the girls!

So my very sweet, very helpful husband returned to work last week. I was worried that I would be hugging his feet trying to stop him from leaving come Monday morning. However the week has gone much much better than I expected! In fact... I may just be able to do this!!  :-)  Having said that... I have learned a few lessons this week:

1)  I MUST shower (this includes Emily) before Nathan leaves for work! It helps me get ready to start the day on the right foot. Plus... the one day I didn't, Lexi didn't want to have a good nap in the morning and showering was almost impossible!
2) The baby MUST sleep! Yesterday we went to mother's group, and I didn't want to wear Lexi, so took the pram. The thing is... she doesn't really sleep in the pram. So an entire morning of teeny tiny cat naps! This makes for a very wired 3 week old at midday! So until she relaxes a little more, I need to wear Lexi in a sling or the Baby Bjorn when I am out for long periods.

3) The family MUST eat! On Sunday I did our menu plan, and the four of us went food shopping. So if all else fails, the family will eat! I also had one super easy meal on the menu... saved for a night when I need it! It involves pulling some lasagna I had frozen out of the freezer and putting it in the oven. Maybe adding salad, depending on how bad the day has been! Lucky for me, I haven't had to use it yet  :-) And finally, in the afternoon, I get out everything I can for cooking dinner: ingredients (as long as they don't need to be refrigerated of course), pots & pans, utensils etc.

4) The house MUST be tidy! Yes, I said tidy, not clean: let's be realistic, it's only early days yet! I had a toddler who just loves to throw toys, food etc on the floor - plus there is just general mess created from living... dirty dishes, dirty clothes etc. I could clean all day - instead, I have devised a 2 minute game. Twice a day (when Emily goes down for a nap, and when she goes off to bed) I spend 2 minutes literally running around, putting things back where they belong, and cleaning up what I can. This way at least things seem tidy and manageable. And of course from there, I can do housework as I have time. But if all else fails, 4 minutes a day will help keep my sanity!

5) I MUST do what works, even if it's not ideal! I have a thing about not wanting Lexi to get too used to sleeping on me. This stems from having Emily constantly attached to me for the first couple of months of her life. However I am learning that when you have two children, and a house to run, life must go on! So one thing I have been doing is in the early evening when it's time to cook dinner, if Lexi is awake (which is more often than not) I strap her to me, and cook dinner! This way she gets to nap and feel close to her mumma, and the family gets to eat a nice dinner. Ideal? No, but does it work? So far so good...

And finally...
6) I MUST get my priorities right! First comes the kids... they have to! They can't fend for themselves. But a very close second is me! They can't be looked after if their mumma is run down. So this means when they are both napping (which is happening more often than I thought) I nap too. Dishes, washing, vacuuming... it will all wait! I also make sure I eat and drink. Okay, so it's on the run most of the time, and while holding a baby, but I am fed. And then comes my husband.

And finally finally... this post was written 2 weeks ago. Opps...   :-)

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  1. I still can't believe you have two little girls! I am so happy for you. :-)