Thursday, January 6, 2011

Textures Baby!!

So my 2 year old decided that she doesn't like to touch certain foods... esp wet soft food. What to do? Have some fun playing with textures in a non-eating related space!

So first things first... I cooked 3 lots of pasta and added some food colouring to each to make it more appealing to play with. Then I let it cool off...

Next, Mummy decided to start playing with the pasta. No pressure here... Mummy is just playing with this really cool stuff, and you are welcome to join in if you wish.

And she did! If you look closely, you can see the colouring has come off on her hands a little. Small price to pay!

And we are off and running!!! Despite being hesitant at first, Emily LOVED playing with the pasta! We literally played with it until it went mouldy!

(N.B. I found that the longer and softer you cooked the pasta, the faster it went mouldy)

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