Saturday, March 12, 2011

Giveaway... With a catch ;-)

Well my goodness! This is only my second post for the year. That's what having a second child does to you!  :-)  How could I possibly apologise... I know, a giveaway!!

There is a catch though... and I am going to exclude some people    :-(  This, unlike much of my work, is one for the boys!! So here's the deal: you can win a onesie (size 000, 00 or 0) with a secret design! And here's the catch... you have to take a pic of your little boy wearing it, and provide me with a digital image that I can use for my sales promotion (on my blog, facebook page, and on madeit).

To enter, please tell your friends about my blog and suggest my facebook page to them! Then just post a comment letting me know you have done so, and I will select a winner at random!

I am really keen to get this moving so will be selecting a winner on Monday night!

Good luck, and see you around here a lot more often!


  1. I don't know any itty bitty boys who are here yet :( My friend is due in April though!
    Otherwise, if the design can be made in to a T-shirt, I have a 3yo boy :) Sarah Poppins x

  2. hi, my power is back on so i'll try this again. My son wears 0's and we'd love to win an outfit and model it for you :)
    i can't see how to suggest a page in the new FB page set up :/ so i msg'd my preggo friend your page link instead:) hope thats ok. my sons name is Lincoln too by the way. forgot to add that before lol
    thanks Amanda Thompson (my google name is Lucy cause its my nickname lol)

  3. And a big congrats to Lucy (AKA Amanda!)!! Thanks also to Sarah, however this is just a little baby type outfit. Maybe next time :-)