Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Fun!

Our neighbours are just lovely, and so I wanted to do some Easter crafting with Emily, to help make up a nice gift for them.

Here it is, part 1 - The egg dying: (I borrowed this idea from my friend Naomi when I was reading this)

Firstly I boiled some eggs, and then Emily and I did a little drawing on them with crayons. Okay, MUCH more me than her. I should have thought this through. I gave her a box of 24 crayons and an egg. She did a little drawing, and then had way more fun putting the crayons in and out of the box.

Next I put them in some dye baths. This is where I should have really done a little research first. I left them in for ages... then I read online that I should add some white vinegar. So I did for the next two, and they seemed to absorb the colour so much faster! I'll know for next time  :-)

Then I let them dry on some cut up paper towel rolls. And they came out looking like the very first picture above! Not bad!

Part 2 - Egg wrapping!

On Monday I was shopping and spotted these awesome egg wrapper things! I'd never seen them before. So all you do is boil some eggs, and let them cool. Then take a wrapper and place it over the egg as shown below, lower it into boiling water for 3 seconds and... wait! That's it!! How easy!!!

Obviously this was a mummy only task, but Emily thought they were SO pretty! Have to say... I agree. Pretty and easy. Lovely!

The finished product!

And last of all, we had to assemble the gift! We got a basket, a variety of chocolate eggs, our dyed eggs, and our wrapped eggs, and started putting it together. Emily was helping... but then she started eating! Should have seen that coming. Doh!

And here's the finished product! Happy Easter neighbours. I hope you enjoy!


  1. That's really cool, might have to look for some of those egg wrapper thingies for next year!

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  2. Looks like a lot of fun was had! I'm stopping by from Aussie Mummy Bloggers - looks like our kids are the same age - I have a 7 month old girl and 2yo boy. Crazy fun times!

  3. @ Belinda: I got the cool wrappers from one of those stores that sets up in the middle of the malls selling kitchen type stuff. Can't remember the name of them, but they were pretty cheap, totally easy and really effective :-) Thanks for the blogger award! I will try to get to it when I have a chance!

    @Narelle - HI!!!! You just reminded me of your blog. Went and had a quick glance, and thought why haven't I been reading this more often! You have so many cool craft ideas! Will be making much more of an effort to check in with you! And yes! Sounds about right. I have a 7 month old (in 3 days) and a 2 & 1/2 yr old (in 2 days). There is never a dull moment huh! Thanks so much for stopping by!