Friday, April 15, 2011

It's the thought that counts...

Yesterday was our last mother's group for my 2 year old before Easter. I seen this GREAT tutorial for making Easter cookies here. The idea is to create cookies that look like Easter Eggs hiding in the grass. They worked out fabulous for Dana! But cookies just don't seem to be my thing.

I decided for some reason to google a cookie recipe rather than using the one in the blog post. I'm not sure why I did this. I just did. And I am not sharing the link, because they were just 'okay'. Also, in Australia it seems we can't buy pastel M&M's. But my greatest challenge was the 'green' grass!

Check out my pre-cooked cookies here. They look the part, right? Perhaps I needed a no bake cookie recipe  :-)

Here is the finished product. Very 'not happy' with the colouring! When they browned, they came out a terrible colour! Oh well, we packaged them up and tried to make them look pretty.

But is it all about the finished product? No way!! We had so much fun!

Some unexpected fun came at 7am when I realised we had no plain flour! Emily & I did a quick Woolies dash. Emily was in her PJ's and as the store was practically empty, I allowed her to run free and help me shop! What was not so much fun was getting home to realise that when Emily had woken me at 4:45am I had quickly thrown my top on.... inside out! Oppps! Luckily at Woolies I did the self service thing, so maybe no one even seen me!

But by far the best part is the sharing! Emily being proud of what we made and sharing that with her friends.

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  1. Oh My Goodness! What a great way to end my night... with a giggle and a big smile about your green Easter cookies ;D Thanks so much for sharing x x