Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Newborn Fabric Blocks!

I have just finished these lovely fabrics blocks, which are ideal for newborns! It takes a while for babies to be able to see properly, so high contrast colours, and easy to see shapes are best to help them along the way. Newborns were my inspiration for this design, however, my 11 month old has showed me that I shouldn't count other kiddies out! I attached a block to her pram just so I could get a pic to be honest, but she LOVED it, and has claimed one as her own!

I have attached a small loop which is securely sewn so that it can be attached to a pram, above a cot, or simply played with as baby starts to develop and explore  :)



  1. What a brilliant idea, these look like a lot of fun!

  2. Thanks! I made up lots of black and white cards for my daughter to look at when she was little, so I thought why not make black & white blocks!