Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fairy Floss Mini Quilts!

Recently we have had two special little girls born into our circle of friends. I wanted to make them something special, and decided that a mini quilt would be perfect. I looked through my stash, and picked out my favorite fabrics. I was trying to steer clear of the typical 'pink' colours... and then I thought why? They ARE girls, let's embrace it! So the name fairy floss mini quilt is because the fabrics of the quilts are deliciously sweet!

Here is a picture of little Estella enjoying her new quilt! I decided to put Hannah and Estella's initials in the bottom corner of each quilt, and I think that's the perfect way to finish it off!

While I was making these, I decided to make up a few extras, and they will be for sale on etsy and madeit soon! They are the perfect personalized gift for a newborn girl - for laying and playing on, and are also the ideal size for the pram and car seat!

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