Sunday, November 29, 2009

Time for some inspiration!

I was pleasantly suprised this week to find the latest issue of MixTape in my mailbox! I first heard of MixTape a few months back, and signed up for an annual subscription. It's basically an Australian craft magazine that profiles real Aussie artists, it has a small but delicious recipe section, some music and book reviews, some tutorials, and so much more!

So what did I love about this issue? Well there is an interview with Rachel Power, the Melbourne based author of The Divided Heart - Art and Motherhood. It sounds like a really interesting book which talks about an issue that I struggle with daily! It just may have to go on my christmas wish list!!

There was also an interesting article where Angela D'Alton talks about the top 5 reasons to Twitter. She makes some very compelling arguments. It's just that with a blog, maybe a website, a facebook fan page perhaps, and twitter.... there is so much you can do outside the realm of actually creating. However, 'tweeeting' probably doesn't take long to do. Some food for thought...

Anyway, I highly recommend MixTape if you are interested in Australian Craft! I am sure I will be contantly re-reading this issue, until the next one comes out in Feb! 

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  1. thanks for the shout out - we are based in melbourne but we sell worldwide ;)