Sunday, July 11, 2010

Allies Attic went off with a bang!

Quite literally... it was the sound of my clothes rack falling over 10 minutes in! Opps... I had purchased a new clothes rack on my way there, and even though the instructions required a mallet, I decided that my brute strength would be enough. It seems not. Oh well, I will be getting the mallet out today to get it fixed up  :-)

I haven't attended a market since Mathildas in Canberra back in February, and it was so lovely to interact face to face with customers again! Lovely to see what they were drawn to most. I have to say, Owls - as usual, were a big hit. As were the taggies! I sold out of those quite quickly.

Things did slow down in the afternoon, to be expected I suppose. On the up side, this did give me a chance to pop around and visit some very talented ladies! I was especially excited to visit Wonderlandia and scored Miss Emily a beautiful denim pinafore.


  1. So glad it was a success!!!

  2. Congrats on a successful market day :)
    Your products are amazing!!