Saturday, July 17, 2010

Taking some Taylored4Baby free time...

So after being so insanely busy getting ready for Allie's Attic, I decided to take a little time to craft for our family! I often find that I am either so busy sewing for Taylored4Baby, or if I am not, I feel like I should be. Not for the past few days! And it's actually crazy what I can get done when I let myself  :-)

Project 1:

Stain and varnish our bedside tables! We purchased these back in April last year, and I purchased the stain and varnish sooner after that. And that's as far as it went. So in just one day, I stained each table twice, and varnished them as well! I am SO SO SO happy, and of course wondering why I didn't do this over a year ago!

The colour doesn't match the bed, but that's okay. I really like the look of the dark wood, and it looks like real furniture now  :-)

Check out the before and after shots below... so much better right?

Even Miss Emily approves  :-)  And I managed to pretty much leave her unstained...

More projects to come... stay tuned!


  1. Well done! I've got a lot of loose ends here too. It feels soooo good when you get one tied up. The tables look fantastic!

  2. She's so cute!!!
    And the table looks GREAT! Well done :) xo