Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cheap fabric, oh how I love you!

I love to have bundles of cheap fabric laying around the house - it give me the freedom to experiment! I can try different projects, and if they work, great! And if they don't... then I learn from my mistakes at a low cost :)

Here are a couple of my recent experiments:

The bib is my own design, and this was a bunch of experiments in one! I wanted to try ribbing as the binding, and have to say, I am not loving it. I also want to make waterproof bibs, so I tried two things here: one was placing a 2mm thickness sheet of plastic between the fabrics, and the other was using iron on vinyl on top. I found that the sheet on plastic made the bib way to stiff, and I don't love the look of the vinyl on top. However I may use the vinyl between layers next time... I also tried the duck on front, and sure, why not! It works. Maybe in some funkier fabrics next time :) So will I continue to work on the bib?? Maybe. I have some ideas on how to make it better, but I think I will put this one away from now.

The hat design was from the book Sweet Booties, and.... it was a success! I know it doesn't look like much here, but I did a quick rough job just to get the feel for it. I really wanted to find a great hat design as it's just turned Spring here, and my daughter doesn't have much hair to protect her precious little head! I plan of getting some of the Gingko Blossoms fabric by Saffron Craig this weekend so that I can make Emily the cutest little hat ever! Stay tuned...

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