Monday, September 7, 2009

Daddy's Day!

Yesterday was Father's Day, and it was my husband's first. Emily and I wanted to make it extra special for him. Her first gift was her first ever finger painting! And what an experience that was! Let's just say it revealed a little about her personality :) We did hand and foot prints in the corners, and Emily was protesting very much! She was not a fan, however when she was allowed to freestyle it in the center, she had a ball! We are really happy with how it turned out, and Daddy loves it to! It now hangs proudly on our living room wall.

The second gift was a swimming lesson! Emily and I have been doing swimming lessons for about 5 months now, but my husband hasn't been able to come and watch as he is working. So we had a special Sunday lesson so that he could see how clever his little girl is!

And finally, the last gift was a hardcover picture book. I filled it with photos of Emily and my husband on special occasions, starting with the first day they met. Some others included the first bath he gave her, the day he drove her home from hospital, the first bottle he fed her, her first vacation and so many more. They now have a wonderful new book to read together xoxo

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