Monday, September 21, 2009

Ready, Set... SEW!

Sorry about the cheesy title... I couldn't help it, I am just so excited! I went away for the weekend, and needless to say, I got some supplies! I told my husband that I wasn't getting much this weekend, as I only needed a few things. Well, I am not sure what happened! I did move house recently and my stash has disappeared, so I thought I would stock up on some basics: hence the fat quarters. I also got some bells, embroidery frames, buttons, velcro, ribbon, elastic, glue and a bunch of other stuff. So here's what I am thinking: I am thinking baby wraps, thinking nursing covers, thinking hats, thinking mobiles, thinking fabric blocks, thinking diaper/nappy covers, thinking thinking thinking!! Looks like I better stop thinking, and get creating :)

Before I sign out though, I wanted to show off my new labels! They are from customcouturelabelco and I LOVE them! They are going to make my products looks that much more professional, and it's a bit of advertising thrown in as well :)

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