Saturday, January 23, 2010

January Giveaway!

Well as you may know, we have been super busy moving house this past week or so. Planning for the move, moving, unpacking... it's all so much work! But I'll save that discussion for another post  :-)

Anyway, part of my plan for 2010 is to have a monthly giveaway, and here we are at the 23rd already! Will plan better next month!

So up for grabs this month is one of the much sought-after Owl Softies by Saffron Craig! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment in response to the following: What would you like to see in my blog? Or if you don't really read blogs, what would make you stop by and read mine?

Some things I would be interested in hearing are: How frequently would you like me to post? Do you like pics? Do you like longer posts, or shorter - straight to the point posts? What about content? Do you just like the crafty stuff, or would you also like to hear more about my daughter, and general life events?

The lucky winner will be drawn at random next Sunday. Only one entry per person, and please be sure that I am able to contact you!

Good luck


  1. I like blogs to be directly to the point. But explanative at the same time. I prefer to hear about the crafty stuff but love the odd family thing thrown in... keeps the blog warm and is something to smile about occasionally. :) Pics are really good... always catch my eye!

    As for how often, i think whenever you feel the need. If you have a new product and feel we need to know... tell us! If you are having a sale and feel the need to tell us... then do it!

    :) Hope that helps!!!

  2. Hi there! What a gorgeous giveaway,I love owls too! I love pictures in blogs,they always catch my eye,short straight to the point posts are good to read,and crafty stuff is always good!:) I also love hearing about family experiences and would love to hear more about your little girl as I have a 5 and a half month old daughter :)

    Laura Vince

  3. what would i would like to see on your blog the trials and failures you have had to be a success now! I know that everyone learns from bad experiences and i love to hear aobut them so i can see a different point of view

  4. I think blogs work best with photos and blogged as often as possible. At least an average of once week but more if that is possible. Sharing the process of the work as well as your little one (if you are game to put her on the net!). It seems from previous articles I have read that people like to see the faults as well as successes of a blogger as that makes them appear more accessible. Cherrie

  5. I like the emphasis to be on all things crafty, but it is really nice to follow the progress of blogging "friends" with their trials, tribulations and of course achievements. Although you have got to be comfortable sharing! Pictures are a must, either for illustrating instructions; showing the finished product or just to bring a story to life. The frequency of posts is completely up to you.
    Good luck with your blog and hope this helps.

  6. What a gorgeous owl my little girl is in love with owls lately :)
    I really like longer blogs..but i'm an avid reader. Personal 'stories' always drag me in but I love all things craft too..Maybe you could incorporate the two and blog a parent-child craft activity?? My kids love to do craft with me and DH..
    Happy 2010, Julie T

  7. I love blogs that have a bit of everything. Not just craft, but stuff about you too. I look at every blog I follow, but don't always have the time to comment.
    I LOVE pics!
    And tutorials too!

  8. Love pics, funny family stories and not too long blogs. LOVE craft stuff - it floats my boat!! x

  9. I think blogs need to be updated regularly as I like to hop on at the end of each day and see what's been happening.
    I like to see photos of your projects and info on what inspired your idea, where you source your fabric, maybe ideas you're thinking of but haven't tried out yet and we can vote on them.
    And I have a bit of an owl obsession at the moment so I wouldn't mind seeing more of them on here too ;)
    Ali Myers

  10. I love to hear about you and your family as long as you be sure not to let it take away from ur product. The fact I know a little about you makes me more comfortable purchasing from you. Maybe a weekly up date blog about your family and you and maybe every couple of days about ur product. I love the pics, I agree tutorials are great! it gets ur clients feeling more involved and fell like we have a voice. You are doing a great job just remember you r trying to run a business and expand. Love ur blogs love ur product, keep up the great work! xox

  11. I love photos, some personal/family anecdotes, your gorgeous crafty ideas and insirations, maybe some tutorials, minimum weekly posts, FAQs, favourite shops and online places you visit...

  12. Clear, bright photos tell a lot more than words especially with creativeness. I love tutorials which are new and bold or cleverly simple. If I use a tutorial I always link it and show my new creation off with a big thank you to the creator. Kids craft ideas are great too. Love to hear a about the family as it becomes more personal. Maybe even some crafty interviews done monthly? I want to do that on my blog but haven't gotten around to it ...oops. Beautiful owl too!! 100% support handmade...

    xo Steph

  13. I love a brief description & pictures in blog posts. I like to read a few posts each week but the posts need to be a good read not just for the sake of blogging. I love reading about new items especially babies & kids stuff (& mummy things too)
    PS The owl softie will go great in the nursery of my new baby - only 3.5 weeks to go :)

  14. I would love to see lots of posts with pictures! Pictures tell a thousand words, but in saying that not to many pictures that uses all you downloads up! lol! Also I like posts that are short and concise I fin with long posts I loss interest when I have read several paragraphs.
    Email attached to my profile :)

  15. I love hearing about favourite online stores, and new products I may not know about.
    As for frequency, however often you like, so long as its humorous and interesting.

  16. I would love to hear tips and tricks of the trade ;)
    Definitely some things bout life and the family.

    Maybe stick to short blogs, alternate between family and craft, do a few a week, because they'd be small it's not time consuming :-) hopefully lol.

    Pictures help to explain and are eye catching, so they're a must :-)

    I think you do a fantastic job, keep up the great work.

    Good luck with everything in the future.
    Renee Leeden.

  17. I love the way your blog has gone so far...short, succinct stories with photos. I don't like the lengthy, drawn out stories when it come to blogs. Just my two cents ;)


  18. I would love to see support services for disabled parents.

  19. I prefer shorter, frequent posts with pictures. I love reading about crafty stuff - maybe even some tutorials would be cool!

  20. I haven't really read blogs before but I'm a fan on FB.
    So I just read a few of your blogs and I like the shorter blogs which have a little bit of information of what's happening in you life and some of the craft projects. Picture are certainly a plus because it helps me picture what you are talking about. It also makes me feel like getting crafty myself.

  21. Hi Naomi,
    I'm not a huge blog reader but I like to read yours. It's a nice way to catch up with what is going on in your life. I like pictures and any information about what's going on in your life. Pictures of your new place would be great:) Also, pictures of your creation are always great! I had no idea you were so crafty when we were in school together! I knew you were working your way towards becoming a cake decorating superstar but I didn't realize your skills on a sewing machine:)
    P.S. I hope I'm in the running for the owl even if I'm all the way over in California. But, if I'm not, I figured I leave you a message anyway:)

  22. I do not read blogs ... in fact I don't recall ever reading one ... and yet, here you have me reading yours ! So I would have to say that whatever you are doing, it certainly worked on me ! I will be back and I have added you to my favourites! All the best, Leesa