Thursday, January 28, 2010

Moving, Moving, Moving...

We recently purchased a wonderful family home! We have owned an apartment before but this is different. We plan on being here for a long time... We plan on adding to our family here, watching our kids swim in the pool, growing older, hosting lots of dinners, both the regular kind and special ones. We have grand plans  :-)

Moving though, is quite naturally a nightmare! Between all the packing and unpacking, losing things that you desperately need, not being able to set up the new washing machine so it doesn't leak, the cleaning of the rental house...  But alas, it is all done! And how happy we are  :-)

We invited friends over a week after moving. Best idea ever! It meant we got everything unpacked and organised... even if it almost killed us, we did it. And now we can just relax and enjoy!

N.B. When we were unpacking, I found some paintings of mine from when I was in preschool! I decided they were perfect for adding a little colour to the wall of Emily's playarea  :-)

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