Saturday, May 7, 2011

6AM... How does she know??

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My 2 year old recently (okay, a few months ago...) went into a toddler bed. She was kicked out of her cot by her little sister... who was kicked out of her room because her parents wanted it back!

So in the beginning, Emily screamed if we tried to put her in bed and then leave (as we had previously done with the cot). So given that it was a new bed, in a new room, and she was now sleeping downstairs alone, we decided to cut her some slack! And then began laying with her (on the floor... not in the toddler bed!) and pretending we were going to sleep. 'We'll just do it for a few days' I said to my husband.... It went of for two months. And here's the problem: sometimes it would take about 40 minutes. 40 minutes of laying there thinking about all the things you could/should be doing. Also, half the time us 'pretending' to be asleep led to us actually being asleep! So there goes the night! 

Anyway, once we returned from Easter Break, we decided that was it. No more. So we started putting Emily in bed, having a little chat about the day just been, and what was coming up tomorrow, a kiss and a cuddle, then goodnight! She actually has gone so well! We had a couple of protests and escapes the first few times, but after about 3 days she was fine!

So now she is climbing into bed with me at some random stage through the night. I know I should stop this but we are taking it one thing at a time. And truth be told... I don't mind it too much. Who doesn't like a cuddle?

What I do not like, is that her internal clock seems to be set to 6AM!!! Every morning, give or take 5 minutes she asks mummy to hop up, so we can 'eat', 'drink' and watch 'tv'. I know it could be worse... but it's SO early! How do I survive? Every Sunday is Mummy's Sleep-in Sunday!!! 

One more sleep... just one more sleep...


  1. Will's internal clock is set for between 6-6.30am as well which doesn't bother me too much except for mornings like this morning when I've been out till 11pm the night before and could really do with a lie in - ah it kills me on mornings like today. I've also started thinking about a 'big boy bed' for Will, don't know how it will go because he's so active and full of beans I think he'd escape :)
    Have a great weekend Naomi and enjoy your sleep in tomorrow!

  2. I feel your pain. My 4 year old is awake between 5:45am and 6:00am everyday! It would be fine if the 10 month old isn't waking at 4:30am every morning for a for a quick drink and frequently waking overnight. The 10mth old then sleeps until about 7ish all the while my daughter who is 3 happily sleeps through it all and staggers out of bed betwen 7am and 8am. If only all three were like her!