Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all! A little late, but blogger decided not to like my pictures for a few days! I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Thought I would share a little bit of ours.

Firstly, it started with a sleep in, and a beautiful breakfast prepared by Nathy! It was SO yummy!! The sauce was from a packet though, and we are in negotiations for Nath trying to make it from scratch for my birthday... which is the next time I will have something so exciting for breakfast at home! 


My first gift was one that I had requested... some black picture frames from IKEA! Ask and you shall receive  :-)

And I wanted them because the picture on this wall keeps asking me for some friends!

And then I got these... were they for Mother's Day? Let's say yes! Truth be told I got them because I needed them. My last pair have lasted about 10 years. Look out Lexi's mothers group. As discussed today... you will be seeing these soon!

And then came the most precious gifts. This one came home with Emily last week from daycare. It's just so sweet! A cup of tea for mumma. Okay... so this mumma doesn't drink tea. But we sure have had a lot of fun pouring pretend cups of tea, doing a little 'cheers' and then drinking it down. Thanks Emily!! x

And here is it. The best card I have ever received! Nathan helped Emily with this (and I am sure Lexi was the supervisor or something...). The very first pic in this post is the front, and inside is a little snapshot of Emily right now! She is very into drawing faces. We draw them, but she tells us exactly what we need to include. She also likes stars, flowers, and has learnt the letters O, B & E. Random? Yes... but I love that this is everything that's special to her right now.

We also spent lots of time playing outside, having tickle time, and then watched Daddy badly lose at soccer  ;-) And of course that picture that I had to get of me & the girls on Mother's Day didn't happen. I must get better about that! All in all, a wonderful day. So happy and proud to be a mumma!


  1. Sounds like it was a wonderful day! You were spoilt!

  2. Sounds like a great day! I got 5 home made cards... love them! I also had to 'play' footy with my eldest son at AusKick. FUN! NOT ;p

  3. Love your mothers day treats. I so love my pair of ugg boots and now that it is just starting to get a little colder I am looking forward to enjoying them a little more :) so glad you had a great day. N x