Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Warhol Dress x 2

Recently I have discovered the blog Made. I just love it! There are so many gorgeous, simple tutorials that I know I can do! I think I am going to end up making every single thing on there!!!

Anyway, it's getting colder here in Oz, so of course, my first 'made' project should be the Warhol Dress! What can I say... I just got too excited, and there's nothing wrong with being ready for Summer early right??

So I went shopping, and given that it's the end of Summer, I got these 2 tops for $10 instead of $40!

And then I followed the simple pattern and instructions and came up with these! The first one is for Lexi, who is currently 7 months. I hope that she grows into the length! If not, it's easy enough to adjust!

And this one is for Emily. Looks kind of short you say? Doh! I think it is. We'll see when summer comes around. I tried it on Emily, but she kind of had a freak out because of the bow (?), so I quickly had to decide where the hem should be. As you can see in the 'before' picture of the shirt, there was more to the print below where I have made the hem, so I ran the risk of it being too long, or too short. Maybe Emily can wear it as a top? (If she gets over the bow issue...)

Overall, super easy to make! The only problem I had it that when I was ironing the yoke for the first dress (Emily's - DYN-O) it kept rolling, and drove me absolutely nuts! So for the second yoke I ended up overlocking the edges. I think the yoke is better if you don't do this, but for my sanity... it had to be done!

I think next time I will get some plain shirts from Kmart or something. I think if you go with one that already has a print, you just need to be careful about the hem line. I also need to play with putting my own prints on them  :-)

Go buy some shirts!! Give it a go!


  1. Oh i love lexi's one. Very cute - well done :-)

  2. I love MADE! Dana rocks doesn't she!!! Great dresses. You did a fab job.

    I have the warhol dress printed out ready to give a go when the weather warms up, you have insipred me to try it earlier!

  3. Thanks Na!

    Amy, YES!!! She totally rocks. Love her blog. And she actually came here and read it. ARGHHHH!!! How exciting! I just got too excited with the dresses and couldn't wait :-) Good luck with yours Amy!